Sustainability & Community

RIS Products is committed to a sustainable future and to improving the social, economic and environmental well-being of the community. 

We have a company promise to be carbon neutral by 2035 but hope and expect to accomplish this much sooner. 

We try to deliver our services in a way that minimises our environmental impact by integrating sustainability in the overall design, manufacture and procurement process.

RIS Healthcare to install solar PV system.

RIS Healthcare has awarded a contract to a local company to install a 50.46 kW solar array along with 23.2 kW’s of battery storage. Instalation and commisioning is expected to be completed in Q2 2024. We expect the  system to generate 41,428 kWh of clean electricity every year, and save 8,796 kg CO2 1 from being produced.

1 – PHS Electrical Services Ltd – Solar PV quote – (2023)

RIS Healthcare is pleased to help the Swallows Head & Neck Cancer Support Charity

The Swallows was formed by like minded cancer patients to help and support fellow sufferers and their carers. They are known as “The Swallows Head and Neck Cancer Group” because of the difficulty a lot of people have with swallowing.

The group was formed so that people with this cancer along with their families and carers, can meet together to help each other and get support for the emotional and physical effects of the JOURNEY with cancer, from first diagnosis, throughout treatment and their life afterwards.

RIS Healthcare replaces fleet with Kia Niro HEV Hybrids.

RIS Products has replaced it’s fleet of cars with Kia Niro HEV Hybrids. By swapping it’s fleet of old vehicles with new hybrid vehicles RIS is hoping to save 1,900kg of CO2 1 from being released into the atmosphere.

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RIS Healthcare supporting Marie Curie Hospices.

RIS Oral Healthcare specialists have been responsible for providing training, advise and ongoing support to Marie Curie Hospices and hospice at home staff throughout the UK.

The sessions have been well attended and very well received and has highlighted and improved staff’s knowledge and awareness of the importance of effective oral care. This has subsequently improved patients quality of life.

Removal of outer PVC on all oraNurse products

RIS Products has removed all of the PVC wraps on our oraNurse products and they will now be supplied in sustainable cardboard outer cartons. This has saved an estimated 705kg CO2 1 being released into the atmosphere each year.

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RIS Healthcare is pleased to sponsor NEBDN's Special Care Dental Nursing Award.

The National Examining Board For Dental Nurses run a group of post registration examinations for dental nurses one of which is the ‘Certificate in Special Care Dental Nursing’. The award is awarded to one dental nurse each year who reaches the highest standard in the examination.

To select the winner each course provider around the country will nominate their dental nurse and then the committee will review these and select a winner against a group of set criteria. This has never been an easy task! The award is given to the dental nurse who submits the best record of experience for the year.

The award reflects how much work the dental nurse’s put into this document. They currently complete 20 studies of their experiences with a mixture of special care patients, three expanded case studies where they demonstrate their special role in caring for these patients, demonstrate key practical skills and their understanding of treating patients in situations.

RIS Healthcare is proud to be Gold sponsors of The Magic of Play Appeal.

The Magic of Play Appeal is a new fundraising appeal, led by East & North Herts Hospitals Charity. It aims to install and equip a new playroom on the Children’s Unit at the Lister hospital in Stevenage, Hertfordshire.

The current playroom is a 25 year old portacabin which is no longer suitable to meet the complex needs of sick children and young people in our region. The new, larger playroom will include a dedicated area for children with cancer, a space designed specifically for teenagers, improved access for wheelchair users and a sensory area for children and young people with learning disabilities.

Over 3,000 children and young people are cared for on the Children’s Unit each year. With the help of the local community – individuals and organisations – they aim to raise £250,000 to create a safe, fun and friendly space which reminds young patients of their favourite playroom rather than a hospital.

RIS Healthcare is pleased to sponsor the Willow Foundation

The Willow Foundation is the only UK charity to provide positive and life-enhancing special days for seriously ill 16 to 40 year olds.

Every special day aims to provide beneficiaries and their loved ones with a break from the realities of their diagnosis and treatment. At a time of uncertainty, spending quality time with family and friends can help restore a sense of normality, boost confidence and create precious memories for the future.

Willow strives to create a unique and unforgettable day that is tailored to the needs and dreams of every beneficiary. He or she chooses exactly what they would like to do on their special day and Willow aims to meet and, wherever possible, exceed their expectations, making the day truly special and memorable.