Nozoil Nasal Spray

Nozoil has a preventive function and protects the nasal mucosa with its lubricating, moisturising characteristics. Spray Nozoil into your nose repeatedly, whenever necessary.

Environments and situations in which it is suitable to use Nozoil

Dry air makes it easier for all the mucous membranes in the nose to dry out. Low relative humidity does not simply occur in the winter. II also characterises air-conditioned buildings, aircraft and cars throughout the year.

Dusty, particle-rich environments also cause nasal problems.

Increasing age is another reason for dry mucosa. Women frequently experience this after the menopause. Spending time in dry, particle-rich environments exacerbates the problem.

Patients who undergo radiation treatment on the head and throat often experience problems with dry mucous membranes that are damaged by the radiation for a long time after the treatment.

People who suffer from nosebleeds often develop dry crusts in the nose. They chafe and irritate and cause new nosebleeds.

After surgery to the nose, the cilia sometimes work less effectively. Mucus gathers, dries and blocks the air passages.

Dry air that irritates the mucosa and can be found in the chemical and mechanical industries, for example, can cause dry rhinitis. This condition can also be caused by picking the nose and as a consequence of a heavy cold. Treatment with moisturising Nozoil is frequently effective.

Drugs that are administered via the nose. such as allergy medication. often dry out the nasal mucosa in conjunction with repeated use. Nozoil restores the normal moisture to the nasal mucosa.

Nozoil can be ordered from all reputable pharmacy’s.

Nozoil Product Information