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Toothette® Suction Toothbrushes & Swabs

Toothette by Sage Products Oral Cleansing and Suctioning Systems make it easy for you to provide comprehensive 24-hour oral care, while facilitating compliance to your oral care protocol.
Address risk factors for healthcare-acquired pneumonias (HAPs), including ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP), with Toothette Oral Care - The only brand with proven clinical outcomes.

Sage Suction Toothbrush

Our Sage Toothette suction systems & products help address your non-ventilated patients at risk for hospital-acquired pneumonia (HAP). Tools easily connect to standard suction lines and help remove plaque, debris and oral secretions, all known to harbor potential respiratory pathogens. User-friendly thumb port provide easy suction control, quick tool changes and connects to standard suction lines.

Sage Swabs

Our untreated single use swabs remove debris and secretions while stimulating fragile oral tissue.

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